Collection: Handmade Play Dough

Welcome to Curiosity Corner, where creativity and sensory exploration converge in delightful play! Step into a world of endless possibilities with our captivating collection of sensory play doughs.

Handmade with care and crafted for curious minds, Curiosity Corner sensory play doughs offer a multisensory experience that sparks imagination and fosters learning. Each tin of playdough is packed with vibrant colours, enticing scents, and irresistible textures, inviting children to unleash their creativity and express themselves freely.

Made with non-toxic, child-safe ingredients and free from harmful chemicals, Curiosity Corner sensory play doughs provide a safe and nurturing environment for hands-on exploration. Our play doughs are carefully formulated to be soft, pliable, and long-lasting, ensuring hours of imaginative playtime for children of all ages.

But the magic of Curiosity Corner sensory play doughs doesn't stop there. As children engage with the sensory experience, they develop essential skills and abilities. Fine motor skills are honed as they pinch, squish, and shape the dough, while sensory exploration stimulates their senses and encourages curiosity.

At Cub & Bear, we're passionate about providing children with enriching sensory experiences that inspire creativity and promote holistic development. That's why Curiosity Corner sensory play doughs come in convenient tins, perfect for storage and preserving freshness between play sessions.

Join us in exploring the wonders of sensory play with Curiosity Corner sensory play doughs and watch as your child's imagination flourishes. Dive into the sensory adventure at Cub & Bear, where every touch is a moment of discovery and every creation is a masterpiece in the making.