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Monthly Themed Sensory Play Box ~ May ~ Pond Life

Monthly Themed Sensory Play Box ~ May ~ Pond Life

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Exclusive May Offer: Pond Life Bundle!

Immerse your child in the tranquil world of ponds with our Pond Life Sensory Discovery Pack. This multi-sensory experience is designed to captivate your child’s senses and spark their imagination. Each element is carefully chosen to provide a rich, multi-sensory experience that engages touch, sight, smell, and the boundless realm of imagination.

What’s Inside:

Rainbow Eco Magic Elasti Sand in Green: Soft, dry, silky slime made of sand, resembling the green slime or algae found in ponds.
RRP: £7.95

Curiosity Corner Sensory Dough in Lagoon Ripple Blue: Scented with Sea Breeze, this dough mirrors the deep blue hues of a pond.
RRP: £5.95

Yellow Door Pond Life Let’s Roll Roller: Discover one of six captivating pond life designs in each box (frogs and lily pads, fish and weeds, ducks and ponds, kingfishers and perches, pond skaters and duckweed, or dragonflies and bulrushes).
RRP: £3.00

TickiT Wooden Treasures: Six stepping stones and six pond water droplets in calming shades.
RRP: £4.95

Engage Your Child’s Senses:

Touch: Feel the unique textures of our Sea Breeze-scented playdough, the squishy, malleable texture of the Elasti Sand, and the smooth surfaces of the wooden treasures.

Sight: Behold the vibrant colours and patterns as you roll out scenes of pond life with our Let’s Roll roller in the playdough or Elasti Sand.

Smell: Breathe in the calming scent of the sea breeze, bringing the essence of tranquil waters into your home.

Imagination: Let the imagination soar as you create and narrate your own pond life stories, fostering creativity and cognitive development.

Educational Play:

Practice Letters & Numbers in the Sand: Encourage educational development by using the sand to practice writing letters and numbers, enhancing fine motor skills.

Create a Pond Life Scene: Utilise all the elements to craft a serene pond setting, ideal for storytelling and creative play. Imagine the life teeming below the water’s surface and bring it to life.

Sensory Small World Play Bin: Combine the sensory dough, wooden treasures, and Elasti Sand to construct an interactive pond ecosystem, promoting sensory exploration.

Calm and Relaxation: Sensory play is not only engaging but also calming. The smooth dough, gentle scents, and natural textures offer a peaceful experience, perfect for relaxation or mindfulness activities.

Safety Notice: This set is not suitable for children under 36 months. Adult supervision is required during play.

Box Contents:

1x Rainbow Eco Magic Elasti Sand in Green (in a handy resealable pouch for storage)
Size: 485g
Age: 3+ years
Material: 100% natural minerals, environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, and non-toxic.

1x Curiosity Corner Sensory Dough in Lagoon Ripple Blue (Sea Breeze scented) (in a handy tin for storage, can be rehydrated)
Size: 300g
Age: 3+ years
Safety: Not edible. Supervision required.
Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Salt, Cream of Tartar, Glycerine, Olive Oil, Water, Food Colouring, and Scented Oils. May contain traces of nuts or allergens.

1x Yellow Door Pond Life Roller
Size: 72 x 34mm
Age: 2+ years
Material: Durable stone mix

12x TickiT Wooden Treasures (in a handy bag for storage)
Size: Approx. 3.5cm - 4cm
Age: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
Safety: Choking hazard. Contains small parts.

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Customer Reviews

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Emily Gearing-Grief
Hours of fun!

This wonderful pack has created hours of imaginative, creative play and exploration. The magic sand really is magic!! Its a great comfort to know my daughter is playing with safe products too.
Shipping was fast and the items were packed beautifully - great customer service. We can't wait to make more purchases and have more fun! Thank you!