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Special Edition ~ Seasonal Sensory Play Box ~ June ~ Summer Adventure

Special Edition ~ Seasonal Sensory Play Box ~ June ~ Summer Adventure

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Exclusive June Offer: Summer Adventure Bundle!

This vibrant collection is a treasure trove of tactile experiences that invite children to touch, smell, and see the bright essence of summer. Perfect for little hands and big imaginations, this box is a seasonal celebration that nurtures knowledge, curiosity, and fine motor skills.

What’s Inside:

Rainbow Eco Sand in Bright Green: The box begins with a base of bright green eco sand, reminiscent of fresh summer grass, ready for tiny fingers to sculpt and shape.
RRP: £7.95

Curiosity Corner Handmade Sensory Dough in Soft Citrus Yellow: Infused with the zesty scent of lemongrass, this soft yellow handmade dough is a sensory delight, evoking the citrusy freshness of summer.
RRP: £5.95

Yellow Door Summer Let’s Roll Roller: Discover one of six sumptuous summer-themed designs in each box (sunflower & garden, strawberry & strawberry patch, dandelion & lawn, swallow & rooftops, baby owl & mother owl, or butterfly & flowers).
RRP: £3.00

TickiT Seasonal Woodland Wooden Trees: Three beautifully crafted wooden trees painted in lush summer hues stand tall, adding a touch of natural beauty to your sensory play.
RRP: £6.50

TickiT Wooden Treasures: Six wooden flower treasures in three shades of orange, symbolising the season’s creativity, self-awareness, and transformation.
RRP: £2.50

Engage Your Child’s Senses:

Touch: Explore the textures of our lemongrass-scented dough and the tactile feel of eco sand and wooden treasures.

Sight: Delight in the vibrant colours and patterns as you create your own summer scenes with the dough, sand, and rollers.

Smell: The fresh scent of lemongrass brings the essence of summer into your play area.

Imagination: Craft stories and adventures as you delve into summer landscapes, fostering creativity and narrative skills.

Educational Play:

Practice Letters & Numbers in the Sand: Encourage educational development by using the sand to practice writing letters and numbers, enhancing fine motor skills.

Create a Summer Scene: Use the playdough, wooden trees, and treasures to set up a bright summer landscape, perfect for storytelling and role-play.

Sensory Small World Play Bin: Combine the bright green sand, playdough, and wooden trees and treasures to build an interactive summer environment, promoting sensory exploration.

Calm and Relaxation: The act of sensory play is not only engaging but also has a soothing effect. The combination of soft textures and calming scents provides a tranquil experience, ideal for relaxation and mindfulness.

Safety Notice: This set is not suitable for children under 36 months. Adult supervision is required during play.

Box Contents:

1x Rainbow Eco Sand in Bright Green (in a handy resealable pouch for storage)
Size: 485g
Age: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
Ingredients: 100% natural mineral sand using environmentally friendly ingredients.

1x Curiosity Corner Sensory Dough Soft Citrus Yellow (Lemongrass scented) (in a handy tin for storage, can be rehydrated)
Size: 300g
Age: 3+ years
Safety: Not edible. Supervision required.
Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Salt, Cream of Tartar, Glycerine, Cocoa Powder, Olive Oil, Water. May contain traces of nuts or allergens.

1x Yellow Door Let’s Roll Roller with Summer Pattern
Size: 72 x 34mm
Age: 2+ years
Material: Durable stone mix

TickiT Seasonal Woodland Wooden Trees (in a handy bag for storage)
Size: Approx. H 7.3-11cm
Age: Suitable from 10 months

TickiT Wooden Treasures (in a handy bag for storage)
Size: Approx. 3.5cm - 4cm
Age: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
Warning: Choking hazard. Contains small parts.

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