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TickiT Rainbow Cube Gems 10 Pack (10M+)

TickiT Rainbow Cube Gems 10 Pack (10M+)

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TickiT Rainbow Gem Cubes are a stunning addition to any playtime, suitable for children from 10 months and up. Crafted from solid acrylic, these crystal-coloured gem cubes come in 10 vibrant hues and are beautifully finished with smooth edges, making them safe and delightful for little hands to handle.

Key Features:

  • Crystal-Coloured Gem Cubes: 10 different colours that catch the light beautifully, creating fascinating internal reflections.
  • Solid Acrylic Construction: Durable and smooth, perfect for safe play.
  • Appealing to Handle: These cubes make a lovely sound when tumbled together, enhancing sensory experiences.

Versatile Play Opportunities:

  • Colour Learning and Mixing: An excellent starter set for teaching children about colours and how they mix.
  • Stacking and Balancing: Ideal for developing fine motor skills and construction abilities.
  • Small World Play: Perfect for imaginative play scenarios, adding a touch of sparkle and colour.

Supports the following areas of learning:

  • Physical Development: Enhances motor skills and construction abilities.
  • Communication & Language: Encourages descriptive language and storytelling.
  • Expressive Arts & Design: Fosters imaginative play and creativity.
  • Maths: Aids in sorting, pattern recognition, and sequence learning.
  • Understanding the World: Helps children explore and understand colours.


  • Size: 25mm
  • Age: Suitable from 10 months upwards.

Note: Mirror and other accessories shown in the images are available separately.

Introduce a world of colour and sensory exploration with TickiT Rainbow Gem Cubes. Perfect for stacking, sorting, and sparking imaginative play, these gem cubes are a wonderful addition to your child's toy collection.

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