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TickiT Rainbow Wooden Vehicles (12M+)

TickiT Rainbow Wooden Vehicles (12M+)

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TickiT Rainbow Wooden Vehicles are a vibrant addition to any child's playtime, designed for little hands from 12 months and up. Crafted from solid beechwood, each vehicle boasts four rotating wheels, sturdy metal axles, and beautifully lasered markings. The laser detailing creates slight indentations in the wood, adding a tactile element that enhances sensory exploration.

Key Features:

  • Colourful Design: Bright, eye-catching colours make these vehicles appealing and engaging for young children.
  • Solid Beechwood Construction: Durable and long-lasting, ensuring safe play.
  • Rotating Wheels and Metal Axles: Easy to roll and manoeuvre, perfect for developing motor skills.
  • Tactile Laser Markings: Slight indentations for sensory discovery, adding another layer of interaction.

Variety of Vehicles:

  • Emergency Vehicles: Blue police car, green ambulance, and red fire engine.
  • Adventure Vehicles: Orange car, blue caravan, and purple campervan.
  • Community Vehicles: Red post van, blue mixer truck, and green recycle truck.
  • City E-Vehicles: Orange 4x4, purple car, and yellow bus with an electric charging point logo.

These vehicles are perfect for sparking discussions about travel, work, communities, holidays, and the environment. They encourage storytelling, the use of descriptive language, and imaginative play, all while promoting fine motor skills.

The vibrant colours of the Rainbow Wooden Vehicles match seamlessly with our Rainbow Wooden Loose Parts, Architect Sets, and Wooden Treasures, allowing for endless creative play opportunities.

Supports the following areas of learning:

  • Physical Development: Enhances motor skills through play.
  • Expressive Arts & Design: Fosters imaginative play and creativity.
  • Communication & Language: Encourages the use of descriptive language and storytelling.


  • Fire Engine: 90 x 54 x 45mm
  • Recycle Truck: 92 x 59 x 45mm
  • Car: 110 x 49 x 45mm
  • Bus: 108 x 54 x 45mm

Age: Suitable from 12 months upwards.

Add a splash of colour and a dash of imagination to your child's playtime with TickiT Rainbow Wooden Vehicles. Each vehicle is sold individually, allowing you to build a collection that suits your little one's interests.

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